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Welcome Beta Testers

Posted on by Bill Mann

We have be working hard on revamping the KGF website and are asking for feedback from a variety of users. You have been invited a special select group of testers to view our site before we launch in August.

We are asking that you navigate through the website and leave comment(s) about your experience. Here are some questions to ask and things to look for:

What did you think of the site over all?

  1. How does it look to you?
  2. Was it straight forward to navigate?
  3. What was difficult, redundant, and/or just plain stupid?

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10 Comments on "Welcome Beta Testers"

  • Cherie Capps

    Very nice. Very easy to navigate. Well laid out and worded. I love the pictures!

    Couple of suggestions: I think the statement of faith should be a top link – that’s the first thing most people would look for. And it should emphasize Jesus died on the cross, we are sinners, and the need for repentance – to distinguish KG from ‘seeker-friendly” churches.

    Since asking for prayer is in the front series, I think the info on how to do that should be on a corner of the home page.

    Couple of corrections. I talked to Jeanne and she said the intercessors meet every Tuesday from 7 to 8 to pray. Also, does Wed. night church start at 7 or 7:15?
    And, (remember that I was an English teacher), so when talking about Pastor Gordon, he has led the church, not lead. (Sorry about that) lol

    You have done a great job, Bill, and I am excited to have this webpage representing us!

    • Bill Mann

      Thanks Cherie. I have not done this alone. Greg Kincaid has been with me through most of the process. He is responsible for all the real “thecnical” stuff.

      I appreciate your repsonse. The website is not entirely functional, so some of the links and front page rotators are not linking to anything. ( . . . yet . . . ) We’ll keep working on it with a hope of launchings it by the end of August. We may not be able to accommodate all suggestions, but they will be valuable for the process.

      Thanks for the review. Keep checking back.

  • Bill Mann

    I’ve corrected the bio on Pastor Gordon “lead” to “led” and made a link to Ministries –> Prayer Chain from the “Prayer” rotator on the front page.

  • Randy Cuddeback

    overall very nice job
    1 home page welcome comment sounding like purpose driven life could scare some people, under worship exaltation is misspelled.
    2 under membership it says membership is a simlpy process should be simple
    3 Under KGF life minisrty team Gordon has been at the church longer than 1996. Might be a good place to list Sunday school ministers too, ie Chris and Linda
    I can give you updated information on Shepherd’s hand if you like
    Thanks good job and I know it is a big job Randy

    • Bill Mann

      Thanks Randy. I’ve updated those items. I intend to add others on the Ministry Team page, just haven’t got there yet. I also just took a guess about the year Gordon started KGF. I’ll find out for sure then update the page.

  • Randy Cuddeback

    home page box to left of service times box spins and spins but nothing happens in that box I realize this may just be in construction but thought I would mention it

    • Bill Mann

      Sometime it take a while for your browser to cache the images and/or the sever is being finicky. What browser are you using?

      • Bill Mann

        Got is Randy. The images should load now.

        (It was a problem with IE9. I have applied a temporary fix until the developer of the plugin that rotates he images fixes the bug with his next update.)

  • Jeanne Westberry


    This is really looking good! I like the layouts and pictures for each section. I really (of course) liked the Mary/Martha Ministry section and thought it was very complete and full of information. I found it to be very user friendly. The only changes I think would be needed are the colors – too light for these old eyes. A better contrast between background and print would be helpful. Also, the print is small and I found myself “squinting” to read some of it, but maybe just changing the colors would work.

    Thanks for the work you put in on this – our website was due for an update and this is nice.


    • Bill Mann

      Thank you Jeanne.

      We went with the colors because they match the denominational website. We wanted to have the look and feel of

      As for the text size, it is of course linked to the layout and design. That being said however, one could always press [CTRL] and [+] to increase the text size. The graphic boxes and some design elements will eventually get skewed, but the increased text size will make it more easy to read.

      We’ll see if there is anything we can do that wont compromise the over all look and feel.

      Thanks again for your comments.