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Praying Through Disasters

Posted on by Bill Mann

From a Foursquare Leaders Alert:

Hurricane Maria Update

Hurricane Maria left all of Puerto Rico without power, but Foursquare is already working to ensure that the light of the gospel continues to shine there and throughout the Caribbean.Foursquare Disaster Relief was prepared ahead of the storm and is now connecting with Foursquare leaders in the region to make funds and supplies available in Puerto Rico, as well as other islands affected, as soon as conditions allow.By supporting this latest Foursquare Disaster Relief response, you can help provide vital resources to Foursquare members affected by the disaster and equip them to reach out to others in the name of Jesus.

Mexico Earthquake Update

In the wake of Wednesday’s devastating earthquake in central Mexico, Foursquare Disaster Relief is exploring ways to partner with Foursquare Mexico in order to maximize assistance there. Pray for the survivors and for the ongoing rescue efforts. You can keep up with the latest developments in all of Foursquare Disaster Relief’s efforts worldwide by joining FDR’s Facebook group, or by following along on Twitter.

PRAYER: For those in Mexico and across the Caribbean, please join as we pray for the following:

  1. God’s peace in the midst of uncertainty
  2. God’s protection from further damage or injury
  3. God’s provision of funds and personnel for rebuilding
  4. God’s presence in His people and through them to others

To give online to Foursquare Disaster Relief please click here.

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