Foursquare Missions


I’m New to KGF

We’re glad that you’re checking us out. Here are some things to know that might help you feel more comfortable. You can expect a relaxed and friendly environment. We are a diverse community of people who love God and want to share that love with others in real and practical ways. To help you better understand what a visit will be like, here are some commonly asked questions and answers:

What should I wear?

Our congregation reflects a wide range of dress, our people wear what makes them comfortable. So you can wear what you like and what makes you feel at home. On the whole, our dress tends to be relaxed and casual.

What do you do in your church service?

We will sing songs of praise and worship to God, read His Word together, listen to The Word taught in a relaxed, applicable way, and we often share communion at the end. Our worship is led by a live band usually consisting of guitar, drums, bass, keys, and vocals. We sing many of today’s familiar praise and worship songs from the recordings of Hillsong, Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin, and add in classic hymns from days gone by. You are free to come and observe. You can participate in whatever way you would like. KGF is a safe place to check this stuff out with no pressure from us.

What if I am not used to going to church?

Don’t worry, no experience is necessary. You won’t be expected to know any insider language and you won’t be singled out and made to feel awkward. In fact, we will explain everything we are doing as we go through our service so that you will feel comfortable.

What does your pastor talk about?

We believe that the Bible is what helps us make sense of life and gives us practical ways to walk in God’s blessing. Our sermons explore what the Bible has to say to us on a very human and practical level. We primarily teach through books of the Bible, but we also teach on topics that are relevant and important to our members.

Will I be asked to give money?

While receiving an offering is part of our worship of God and our services, this is always optional, and no pressure is placed on people to give.

How do I find your location?

We are located in Junction City, Oregon at the north end of town where Highway 99 splits into Hwy. 99E & Hwy. 99W. (Across from Safeway.) Here’s a link to our directions page.

What kind of church is King’s Grace Fellowship?

We are part of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination. Here’s our national website