Foursquare Missions



We are serious about reaching our world for Christ and discipling those the Lord adds to our fellowship. Part of the discipleship process is to help people engage in meaningful ministry. Please surf through the various ministries that are currently available and see if you could fit into one of these. If there’s a match for your personality and passion then we invite you to contact the specific ministry leader to see how you might get involved.

Of course we are always looking for new areas of ministry. As varied as we are individually so are ministries. It may be that God is birthing something in you that will blossom into a fruitful ministry. It may be that you are the key to reaching a certain segment of culture that our current ministries could never dream of reaching. The thing is, God has his hand on you and wants to lead you into a healthy productive life as a believers and perhaps as a part of King’s Grace Fellowship.