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Cleansing Stream

We believe that Cleansing Stream Ministries are vitally important to growing, strong, healthy disciples of Jesus Christ. This little snippet taken from their website explains their vision and why we feel that it is so important.

Cleansing Stream Ministries is committed to partnering with pastors and churches in teaching and training leaders and maturing believers in personal cleansing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare so they can be released to serve, minister, and disciple others in the Body of Christ.

For more information about Cleansing Stream Ministries, check out the video below and please contact our Cleansing Stream Leaders. (Oh, and click on the image above for Cleansing Stream Ministries.)

Cleansing Stream – Promo (2018)-WEB from Bill Mann on Vimeo.

Leaders: Dave & Cindy Mengler

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