Foursquare Missions


Worship Team

Worship TeamWe love the Lord and we love to worship together. King’s Grace excels at a multi-generational worship environment that endeavors to engage all ages in a meaningful worship experience. We sing a variety of music from many church genres. We like to think that our expression of worship is “fresh” and “current.” We also believe that as we worship the Living God together there is an unexplainable dynamic that is released in the house. We of course believe that this unexplainable dynamic is the Presence of God. Unexplainable because we do not control it, we just worship with a reckless abandon and God shows up.

It takes many people to make our Worship Celebrations successful. Musicians, vocalists, audio technicians, media technicians and prayer. Perhaps you are interested in a joining our Worship Team. If so, please contact Pastor Bill Mann and he will work with you to place you in a ministry that will bring you fulfillment and that will bring glory to God.