Mid-Week Worship Rehearsal
  • 48 East 18th Avenue
    PO Box 69
    Junction City, Oregon 97448

  • Living Room

Mid-Week Worship Rehearsal

Wednesday evenings our worship team gathers before the service for a rehearsal. Of course we always have fun, learning new songs and goofing off a bit, but mostly we are serious about preparing our hearts, minds and talents for the upcoming worship time.

How To Get Involved

It you have music skills, love to sing to Jesus and have a heart for worship please come on Thursday evenings to join us as we rehearse. Within a few weeks we’ll begin to work you into the Worship Team rotation. You also may call, text or email Pastor Bill to talk about your interest in joining the worship ministry of KGF.

Sound & Media Techs

Perhaps singing is not your thing, but you consider yourself a “thecno geek”. We are always looking for folks to help with sound & media. Please contact Pastor Bill if this is you. The more people we are able to put into the rotation, the less weight other team members have to bear.