Foursquare Devotional

Foursquare Devotional

Abraham built an altar. Noah built an altar. Moses built an altar, and so on. Finally, God built an altar to Himself. He made it out of wood—it was called a cross.

Sacrifices were made on all the other altars, but there had never been a sacrifice like this one. Once and for all, this sacrifice—Jesus, God’s own Son—was put on a final altar for the payment of all sin forevermore. That payment was for my sin and yours.

The most significant benefit of that altar was complete forgiveness for you and me (Rom. 3:22-24, NKJV). Receive it today! Thank you, God!

Today that altar, the cross, is the most recognizable religious symbol in the world—and it’s no wonder. Christ’s work on the cross is the most potent expression of love the world has ever known.

Consider the great work Jesus Christ has done on your behalf.

Reflect + Pray

Glenn Burris Jr.
  1. Ask God to cultivate in you a spirit of love and forgiveness similar to His.
  2. Pray for those in your community who don’t yet know the love of Jesus.
  3. Consider how you bring redemption to those you meet, and ask God to use you as a vessel of peace in His work of redemption and reconciliation.
  4. As we celebrate Palm Sunday, ask God how your church can share the heavy truth of Jesus’s sacrifice alongside the joy of His triumphant entry.