Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson

Personal Background

Many men and women in America my age (I was born in 1945) had grandmas who prayed for them regularly. My father and mother both had relationships with Jesus, so they also prayed for me during my childhood for God’s direction in my life. That legacy of prayer is likely the most valuable asset of my early life. I had little chance outside of outright rebellion to miss walking with God later in life.

College & Beyond
Daisy and I began a friendship at Oregon College of Education in Monmouth while I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. While she did not know Jesus when we first met, she quickly became hungry for knowing Jesus while we attended church together that year. She outgrew me because of her hunger, and it was apparent that I needed to up my game with Jesus to walk with her. She has always inspired me to continue to grow in my faith because she is continually growing in her faith.

Our daughter, Christy, joined us while we were teaching school in Alberta, Canada, and has always been a great joy to us. We were called into missionary ministry while teaching school and left for Africa a couple of years later.


Our time of pastoring in Junction City began in 1975, and we continue to serve His Church here at King’s Grace Fellowship after almost 45 years. We are thankful to get to serve with many healthy men and women who want people to know Jesus. We love serving with the family at KGF and the other congregations of Junction City.

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