Blessed Because You Believed

Blessed Because You Believed

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Sunday, December 22, 2019 at King’s Grace Fellowship.
Luke 1 26-38,45; John 6:26-29; 15:9-17

The Angel Gabriel Appears To Mary

  1. Greetings favored woman
  2. How can this happen?
  3. Nothing is impossible with God
  4. I am the Lord servant
  5. May everything you said . . .
  6. You are blessed because you believe

Joseph’s Role In Jesus Birth

  1. Joseph was a good man
  2. The angel appears to Joseph
  3. He will save His people from their sins
  4. Joseph obeyed, (no sex)

Your Role In This Great Story

  1. Remain in his love
  2. Obey His commandments
  3. Love each other