How Do We Remain In Him

How Do We Remain In Him

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Sunday, August 15, 2021, at King’s Grace Fellowship

John 15:1-16, John 6:28, John 16:33

I. You cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me

  1. Being pruned by the Father/produces belief
  2. If you remain in Jesus, you will get God’s heart and know what to pray for!
  3. Remain in my Love
  4. Love = obedience to his commands
  5. Love each other, like I have loved you

II. Fruitfulness brings great glory to the Father

  1. Great works = Believe in Jesus
  2. Abiding in Jesus 24/7
  3. Lasting fruit is bringing Jesus influence to people the Holy Spirit is…
  4. Love each other

III. Being Hated by the world

  1. The world hates Jesus
  2. You don’t belong to the world
  3. Many trials and sorrow