Jesus Full of the Holy Spirit, Returned

Jesus Full of the Holy Spirit, Returned

A Message by Gordon Johnson on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at King’s Grace Fellowship

Doing ministry like Jesus!

Luke 4:1-5, 3:21-22

Jesus full of the Holy Spirit

  1. Jesus was baptized
  2. The heavens opened
  3. The Holy Spirit descended
  4. The Father spoke: You bring me great joy
  5. Obedience

Led by the Spirit in the wilderness

  1. Tempted by the devil, & fasted 40 days
  2. If you are the Son of God…
  3. People do not live by. bread alone
  4. Revealed all the Kingdoms of the world
  5. Worship me
  6. Jump off the Temple, work a miracle
  7. Do not test the Lord your God
  8. Jesus returned, filled with the Holy Spirit