Jesus Served Them & Healed Them

Jesus Served Them & Healed Them

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at King’s Grace Fellowship

John 13:1, John 21:13-25

He loved them to the end

  1. During his ministry
  2. He wanted to be with them alone

The third time he was with them

  1. Served them the bread and fish
  2. Personal ministry after breakfast
  3. Do you love me more than these
  4. Yes I “phileo” love you
  5. Feed my lambs, care for my sheep, feed my sheep
  6. Peter was hurt, can’t get healed without pain
  7. Youth vs old age, following Jesus will cost you
  8. What about John
  9. Different plan doesn’t equal fairness
  10. The Gospel is accurate