Maintaining True Fellowship

Maintaining True Fellowship

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Sunday, August 11, 2019 at King’s Grace Fellowship.
1 John 2:12-29, John 1:10-13

Being A Child Of God

  1. Child of God, sins are forgiven
  2. Mature, know Christ
  3. Young, won the battle with the evil one
  4. Child of God, you know the father
  5. Young, God’s word lives in your heart

Do Not Love The World

  1. The world competes with The Father’s love
  2. There is a craving for physical pleasure
  3. There is a craving for everything else
  4. Do what pleases God

Remaining Faithful In Fellowship

  1. In relationship to Son and Father
  2. People will want to lead you . . .
  3. You have the Holy Spirit