On the Verge of Sinking

On the Verge of Sinking

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at King’s Grace Fellowship.
Luke 5:1-11

What you need to know before you follow Jesus

  1. Not much, “just believe,” repent, follow him
  2. Fall on your knees, “Oh Lord”

Two empty boats, one to preach in

  1. Jesus uses an empty boat to preach in
  2. Fishermen cleaning nets, washing nets
  3. Peter’s boat, a preaching platform where he sat and taught
  4. Go out and let down your nets to catch fish
  5. If “you say so” learning to obey Jesus
  6. So full of fish, “verge of sinking”
  7. From now on you will be catching men
  8. They left everything and followed