The Acts Of The Holy Spirit

The Acts Of The Holy Spirit

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Sunday, October 11, 2020, at King’s Grace Fellowship.
Acts 2:1-47

The Church Is Born

  1. Flames of fire
  2. Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit
  3. There were Jews for many nations
  4. Unbelievers mistook them as drunk
  5. Peter speaks of what actually was going on
  6. Joel, and our present-day
  7. This is about Jesus
  8. Repent, turn, and be baptized …
  9. Believers were baptized

What The Church Looked Like

  1. Teaching, koinonia, eating together, communion, and prayer
  2. All the believers met together
  3. They shared everything
  4. Large worship services at the temple
  5. People were saved each day