The Call To Rebuild

The Call To Rebuild

A message by Pastor Beth Walker on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at King’s Grace Fellowship.

Haggai 1 & 2 ; Micah 4:1-5

Confrontation and Response

  1. Haggai calls the people out on their misplaced priorities
  2. The people had put their energies into beautifying their own homes
  3. Yet all their work was futile because apart from God, everything is
  4. Even “good things” can confuse our priorities
  5. How we respond to God’s confrontation in our lives matters: The people began to obey and God “sparked enthusiasm in them”

Addressing Shattered Expectations

  1. “Does anyone remember…?”
  2. God has not called us to look back, but rather to hope forward.
  3. God’s encouragement and promises surround us when we make Him a priority
  4. The Lord has the resources, He is just looking for willing hands
  5. God is doing a NEW thing, and the glory of His church is greater than before

Call to Covenant Faithfulness

  1. The people chose what made them “happy” over what made them holy
  2. If the people do not humble themselves; turn from impurity and apathy, then whatever they build with their hands will be impure too
  3. Only true repentance and covenant faithfulness will lead to God’s Kingdom and blessing: He is waiting for His people to respond.
  4. The Lord honors us for our obedience and faithfulness