The Koinonia of the Early Church

The Koinonia of the Early Church

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Wednesday May 5, 2021 at King’s Grace Fellowship.

Acts 4:31-37,  Acts 5:1-14,  Matthew 16:23

I. They were filled with the Holy Spirit

  1. United in heart & mind
  2. They felt partnership with all believers
  3. They shared possessions
  4. They felt this way because their “feelings” were directed by the Holy Spirit
  5. Barnabas sold a field

II. Ananias & Sapphira

  1. Sold property to give money to church
  2. Lied about it’s worth
  3. Lying considered….
  4. “Get away from me Satan”
  5. Ananias fell dead for lying to the Church
  6. Sapphire fell dead
  7. Great fear gripped the church
  8. Result:  high regard, more and more believe