The Resurrected Jesus May Show Up Anywhere

The Resurrected Jesus May Show Up Anywhere

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Resurrection Sunday, 2020 at King’s Grace Fellowship.
Matthew 27:57-65; 28:1-10; John 16:5-9

Joseph Loaned Jesus His Tomb For 3 Days

  1. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the graveside
  2. Many women followed Jesus
  3. Where were the men?
  4. Priests and Pharisees remembered
  5. Pilote had the tomb sealed and guarded

Early Sunday Morning

  1. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus
  2. An angel rolled the stone away
  3. He has risen from the dead!
  4. Jesus met them, they worshipped
  5. Go tell the disciples

My Work Is Done. Yours Is Just Beginning

  1. Better for you, the advocate will come
  2. He will convict the world of sin
  3. Sin is refusing to believe!