This Isn’t How I Thought It Would Be

This Isn’t How I Thought It Would Be

A message by Pastor Beth Walker on Sunday, April 26, 2020, at King’s Grace Fellowship.
John 14:1-31

Jesus, the Way to the Father

  1. Don’t LET your hearts be troubled
  2. Trust in God
  3. We know The Way

Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

  1. We will do greater works in His name to bring glory to the Father
  2. Love=Obedience
  3. We have an Advocate
  4. The Holy Spirit leads into all truth
  5. We show our love for Him through obedience and submission to His commands
  6. The Holy Spirit will teach us and remind us
  7. We claim the gift He gave us (peace of mind and heart)
  8. Only He offers satisfaction
  9. His promise gives us hope
  10. The enemy has no power over us
  11. The world sees our love for God through our submission to His commands