What Holiness Looks Like

What Holiness Looks Like

A message by Pastor Gordon Johnson on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at King’s Grace Fellowship.
Colossians 3:1-17; John 14:6

Present Realities For Believers

  1. Raised to new life with Christ
  2. You died to this life, Christ is life
  3. Greed leads to idolatry
  4. Get rid of ….
  5. Put on your new nature
  6. Christ is an equal opportunity Savior

God Chose Us To Be Holy People

  1. Created holy (light God) in love
  2. Tender hearted, mercy
  3. Make allowances for and forgive
  4. Major in love
  5. Live in peace
  6. Sing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs
  7. Thankfulness